Introduction to Your Core Business Numerology Profile

August 20, 2016

In business numerology there are three capital numbers that accomplish up the amount business profile. They are your business:

  • Path – these are the strengths and opportunities of your business
  • Expression – this is your business mission or the role your business is actuality to serve
  • Motivation – this the bulletin your business is actuality to allotment or your business niche

This advice is begin application the registration date of your business (business path) and your business name (business announcement and action numbers). Claimed numerology uses your abounding bearing name and date of birth.

In an ideal apple your amount claimed contour would adjust and abutment your amount business profile. This is decidedly important if you are a sole trader, solo-preneur or accept a individual owner/operator business.

If you are in a partnership, company, assurance or any added commodity anatomy again you will charge to yield the data of anniversary of the capital humans complex (eg. Directors, partners, advisers etc.) into account.

This can be benign in allowance to adjudge who is best ill-fitted to which role based on the strengths adumbrated in their claimed numerology profile.

How do Claimed Numerology and Business Numerology Differ?

Normally claimed numerology has 5 amount numbers:

  1. Life Path
  2. Expression/Destiny
  3. Heart’s Desire
  4. Personality
  5. Maturity

Some humans cover the altogether amount instead of the ability number.

In claimed numerology your activity aisle is the a lot of important number. It makes up 40% of your profile. Your announcement amount makes up 30% and your heart’s admiration amount makes up 20%.

You may accept noticed there are aswell two added amount contour numbers. They are the personality amount and the ability number. Both numbers are breach appropriately amid the actual 20% (10% each).

In business numerology however, there are alone three amount numbers rather than five. The personality and ability numbers are two that are missing from the amount business contour as they not absolutely relevant.

Another aberration is the allotment anniversary amount represents. Equal accent is placed on the business aisle and business announcement numbers (35% each), while the business action amount is alone hardly beneath (30%).

Why is The Breach Not an Equal One?

The acumen for this is because the drive and action of your business can be overridden by you, the business buyer or your claimed numerology profile.

That is why it is so important your amount business contour aligns with your amount claimed profile. If not, you may acquaintance some accidental problems and obstacles on the aisle to accomplish your business goals.

This commodity is allotment of the 4 allotment “Your Amount Numerology Profile” series, area anniversary commodity looks at a altered aspect of the amount business profile. Today, in allotment one, we covered what business numerology is and how it differs from claimed numerology.

In locations 2-4 I will appearance you absolutely how you can acquisition your business aisle amount (part 2), announcement amount (part 3) and action amount (part 4). I will aswell allotment with you what they mean.

Don’t wish to delay for allotment 2 but are absorbed in award out added about how you can use numerology? No problem!